Cupcake Wars to come

Local - 2/4/2014 5:12 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Businesses with a 'flare for flavor ' plan a day of fun to raise money and support a local organization.

Cupcake Wars are about to hit Beckley with a bang as 5 local bakeries will continue gearing up to feed ticket holders on February 15th. The event is a fundraiser for the Women's Resource Center and includes a movie at Marquee Cinemas, along with a cupcake contest. Event goers will receive cupcakes from each of the bakeries, but there will be a panel of judges as well to award winners. Area business owners said they are excited to share their recipes and receive feedback from new potential customers.

Katherine Hendrix, Manager at Instant Karma Cupcakes said, “we're excited to see what everybody else has to offer as well and see what they think about our cupcakes too. We get reception here, but also, what the judges have to say...we're excited about the whole thing.”

The other bakeries competing include The Bake Shoppe, Cakes by Brittany, Jo Jo’s Cupcakes, and Missy’s Cake Shop.

Cupcake Wars will be held at the Marquee Cinemas in Beckley, from 12 PM to 3 PM on February 15th. Tickets can be purchased by calling (304) 255-2559, or by visiting the Women's Resource Center website at


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