New Prosecutor's Office in Raleigh County

Local - 2/4/2014 4:01 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – Raleigh County dedicates a new building to the prosecuting attorney Tuesday.

A focal point in the Raleigh County Courthouse district, the prosecutor's office on Main Street has been remodeled and expanded, making room for the growing number of cases in Beckley.

Officials say four more offices were gained in the renovation and will be the home to more than 16 employees.

Kristen Keller is the prosecutor, and she says the renovation in the more than 100-year-old building was long overdue.

“Before the renovation began it was literally falling in on itself,” says Keller.

“In another year these stone walls would have come crumbling down. So it is just wonderful to see this historic building restored.”

Officials say the move to the new office will be completed in March.


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