Chamber welcomes new business

Local - 2/3/2014 10:39 PM by Kevin Jacobs
Beaver - A new local business wants to add some glamour and glitter to your wardrobe. Sparkle Girl Fashion is officially open for business.

Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed the new business with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The grand opening was an open house of sorts for shoppers, friends and family. The glittered covered boutique is housed on the 2nd floor at the School of Harmony in Beaver. Inside the store you can find be-dazzled shirts, belts, bags for kids and adults.  

Some delicious cupcakes complimented the ceremony's festive theme. Sparkle Girl Fashion owners Marlene Cole and Michelle Cozort specializes in making any and everything sparkle.

"We've actually been open for a couple months, but today we decided to get together and have an actual open house for everybody to come and see us," Marlene Cole.

"We customize T-shirts or duffle bags. We can put your name on just about anything or bling it up for a team that you're on," Michelle Cozort.

Sparkle Girl Fashion also specializes in...

Custom Rhinestone     Glitter and Flat T-shirts    Custom Sweat Clothes   Glitter Duffle Bags   Custom Tu-Tu's
Custom Leotards    Dance Bags   Scarves   Hats    Legwarmers   Bling Jeans   Custom Reflective Jogging/Workout and Mining Clothing    Spirit Headbands   Custom Hairbows/Headbands

Store hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12 PM - 7:30 PM. Friday 10 AM - 5 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM.


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