WV humane societies lobby for change

Local - 2/3/2014 5:11 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - West Virginia Humane Societies took to the floor to lobby their cause to protect our furry friends.

It was Humane Society’s Day at the Capitol Building. Organizers said that there are many legislative issues at hand when it comes to protecting animals. They said the reason they're lobbying is due to the lack of action with certain bills, specifically those pertaining to exotic animals. Humane Society activists said these bills haven't moved through the legislative system, because of the lack of support from within the community.

Erica Stock from Operation Underdog in Raleigh County said she wants to give a voice to the animals; “there's a lot to be desired, there's a lot of great bills to be discussed right now. A lot of stricter laws should be enforced, several things like the dangerous animal bill, exotic animal bill, that's something that needs to be discussed. So there's lots of things that we can do better in West Virginia. So we just came out to help support the animals and speak for them.”

Organizers said their lobbying efforts are just a small step in a long journey, but they will remain optimistic about the potential for change.


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