Blueprint Communities come together

Local - 2/3/2014 5:08 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - 6 teams shared their community progress with state legislators and company leaders by participating in a call to action conference.

Bluefield, Hinton, Marlinton, Princeton, Richwood and Sophia Blueprint teams came together at the State Capitol to swap ideas and share successes. The major goals for each team included improving the community, and developing new ways to further each area's progress. Teams aimed to do this while involving all walks of life in their specified area; hoping to tie everyone into the positive change. Funding has come from the cities themselves, but have sparked interest from non-profit organizations and local businesses.  One team member from Princeton said the motivation for making change is alive and well in her city.

“That energy and that enthusiasm was always here, it was just waiting for an opportunity for people to step up and say 'what can I do?’”  said Elke Doom, City Manager in Princeton.

Agencies such as FHL Bank and the Community Development HUB will continue to support these teams with coaching and guidance throughout the remainder of 2014.


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