Locals ready for Super Bowl Sunday

Local - 2/2/2014 5:38 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – A local bar is prepping for the big game and taking precautions to keep its guests safe.

Buffalo Wild Wings is expecting a packed house for its first Super Bowl since opening.

Managers say the kitchen is stocked up more than 25 percent from normal, and to-go orders are a huge revenue booster. But the big concern for them is drinking and driving.

They say bartenders and waiters will have a sharp-eye out for anyone who looks too intoxicated to leave, and they will call a cab or make sure guests have a safe way home after the game.

Manger of Buffalo Wild Wings, Carey Keilitz, says they’ll be policing the drinking and driving.

“We have a very good staff that does a great job monitoring our guests and making sure that they can come out and have a great time in our atmosphere. But at the same time when they leave, they're going to be safe for themselves and others.”

Managers say the restaurant is already nearing max capacity and it will stay that way throughout the night. That has fans in Southern West Virginia excited.

“Heck yeah man, I'm always excited for the Super Bowl; doesn't matter who's playing,” says Tom Eder.

Kelly Barton was shopping at Grant’s today, stocking up for a party, but she has her favorite tonight.

“We just root for the underdog and since (the Seahawks) are like three-point underdogs we'll take ‘em.”

Eder is siding with Seattle too.

“I like that Sherman guy – how cocky he is, he's pretty cool. And that Russell Wilson; he's second-year quarterback, small guy, I'd like to see him do good.”


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