Richwood shuts down local police dept.

Local - 1/31/2014 5:33 PM

RICHWOOD - Richwood City Council shut down its local police force after they said the new Chief made some very poor decisions.


"Well, 16 months went by and we had no certified officers; he had officers driving police cruisers and stuff and the law says that they have to have a certified officer in the vehicle with them and it was just more or less, just a major liability for the city so we figured it was time to make a change," said Councilmen James Vannoy.


Tax payers said the department seems pointless.


"It was pretty sad that our tax dollars was going to pay for a police force that couldn't even write a speeding ticket,” said resident and Foodland Store Director, Charles Taylor.


In a professional setting, the lack of real officers was hurting business; "at the store, a lot of times they were very little help. It really hurt the store,” said Taylor.


Richwood City Council members said the door to the old police dept. will stay closed for at least 6 months as they try out having no police force at all. Residents in the area have mixed feelings about this.



Eleanor Weaver said, "if you're going to live in a community to want to feel safe in that community. And with a police dept. it would really help us."


"There's no use to getting greatly concerned but we already have back up police and stuff too so we just need to pry about it, believe and things will happen, turn around,” said Ernest Alderman.


Council members have a plan, and the city will be receiving help from WV State Police when staffing a future Richwood police force.


Vannoy said, "they'd see to it that we got certified officers so that's what were gunna do. Were gunna look over the whole situation after about 6 months, see what the expenses was and see what we need to do to go forward."


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