Sewer line plans unveiled in Fayette County

Local - 1/31/2014 1:55 PM by Stuart Hammer

FAYETTEVILLE – Plans moved forward today for several Fayette County communities to receive sewer lines.

Terradon Engineering and Construction group unveiled its plans to the Fayette County Commission this morning.

The plans are to construct sewer lines in the Ames Heights, Turkey Creek, and Hopewell areas around Anstead.

These areas are currently without sanitary sewer lines. The plans could involve the Anstead sewer plant being expanded or upgraded in order to accept the increased flow.

“(We are) in the preliminary study portion of this, and we'll take it to the funding agencies and hopefully move on from there into final construction, says Will Thornton of Terradon Corp.

Until construction starts, Thornton says that’s a ways away. “I'd hope it'd be sooner than later, but realistically probably about three years.”

The next step is receiving funding and getting the plans added to the priority list by the state.


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